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Henry Sir is the youngest FIDE MASTER in Hong Kong and head instructor of the Kidult Chess Academy.

Enlightened at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, Henry Sir has been actively travelling in different tournaments around the world since he was a university student. After returning to Hong Kong, he improved his skills to the next level. In 2018, he won the title of FIDE Master, and was the youngest player among the six players in Hong Kong.

Key achievements:

FIDE Master (FM)

National Arbiter (NA)

National Instructor (NI)

School Instructor (SI)

2012-2014 British University Championships - Team representative of the University of Warwick

2015 Hong Kong Rapid Chess Christmas Championship - Champion

2016 Hong Kong Chess International Open - Second Best Chess Player in Hong Kong

2016 Hainan International Chess Open Masters Category - 1st Runner-up

2017 Asian Dragons Asian Chess International Invitational Tournament - 5th place

2017 The University of Hong Kong Chess Open - 3rd Runner-up

2017 Chess Academy ActiveKids Open - Champion

2018 Georgia Chess Olympiad - Hong Kong Team Representative

2019 Hong Kong Rapid Chess Spring Championship - Champion

2019 Hong Kong Summer Championship - Champion

2021 Caissa Spring League - 1st Runner-up

2022 World Amateur Chess Championship - Hong Kong Team Representative

2023年Kidult Chess Friday Tournament - Blitz S3 Champion

2023年Kidult Chess Friday Tournament - Standard S2 Champion

​FIDE Master Ho In Hei (Henry Sir)


​Master Chan Chak Man (Chan Sir)

Master Chan ChakMan (Chan Sir) is the top chess player in Hong Kong. He has won numerous awards in the past ten years and has represented Hong Kong in the chess Olympiad for many times. He is currently the elite class instructor of Kidult Chess Academy.

In addition to his profound knowledge of chess, Chan Sir is also full of enthusiasm for education. In the spirit of "education through chess", he regards the personal growth of students as his own responsibility, and actively cultivates students' character, thinking and emotional intelligence through chess skills.

The main awards are listed below:

FIDE Candidate Master

FIDE World Chess Federation - National Arbiter

FIDE World Chess Federation - FIDE Instructor

2012 Turkish Chess Olympiad - Hong Kong Team Representative
2014 Norway Chess Olympiad - Hong Kong Team Representative
2015 Hong Kong Chess International Open - Best Local Chess Player
2016 Hong Kong Chess Team Championship - Champion
2017 Hong Kong Rapid Chess Championship - Champion
2018 Hong Kong Rapid Chess Championship - Champion

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