Hong Kong Online STANDARD Series

Season 1


Players are classified into tiers and will be played in the tournament of their respective tier against similar level of players. 

Starting tier for the players will be "Pawn" unless with existing FIDE rating in which the starting tier will be as follows:

Bronze Pawn: 0-1500 FIDE rated

Silver Knight: 1501-1700 FIDE rated

Gold Bishop: 1701-1900 FIDE rated

Platinum Rook: 1901-2100 FIDE rated

Diamond Queen: 2101-2300 FIDE rated

Master King: 2301+ FIDE rated

According to the final ranking of each tournament, top 25% of the players will be promote into 1 tier above; bottom 25% of the players will be demote into 1 tier below; the rest of the players will remain in the same tier.


Double Round Robin. 1 white game and 1 black game against every players in the tournament.

Number of players:

4 to 8 players per tournament.

Time Control:

Standard: 60 minutes + 10 seconds increment per move, starting from move 1.


1 month to finish all games. (exact date and time to be arrange with opponents)


This Tournament will be played online via the Chess.com platform. But players may also choose to play their games physically at Kidult C Academy with mutual agreement of their opponent.


Free of charge. Please register here to show your interest, we will notify you when there's a tournament in your tier that have been organised.

Upcoming tournament information:

2020 Jan: Bronze A  Pairings and results

2020 Feb: TBD

2020 Mar: TBD


Kidult C Academy reserves the right to modify the regulations without prior notice in the spirit of improving the overall experience of the tournament.

Kidult C Academy reserves the right to use the chess games in this tournament for purposes that includes but not limited to commentary and publication.