Our Mission:


Kidult C Academy is founded by the HKG top chess players and professional investors with the aim of creating a high quality, comfortable environment and close teacher-student relationship academy.

The name of Kidult represents our students to grow with the child's heart and to learn with enjoyment in our academy. Apart from providing solid skills coaching, we also aim to guide our students on acquiring the skill of self learning which will ultimately enable them to grow in life and bypass all kind of challenges.

Our Venue:

Kidult C Academy has classrooms that are independent, quiet and comfortable for our students. Additionally, there is a Cafe and resting area for our students and parents.

During tutoring hours, our venue including cafe area will be open to members only in order to provide a safe and comfortable place for our students.

Our Coaches
Chan Chak Man
Candidate Master (CM) & FIDE Instructor (FI)

Coaching experiences: 10 years

Head coach of a well known award winning local school

Major tournament achievements:

Champion - 2011 Hong Kong National Championship prelim

HKG representative - 2012 World Chess Olympiad Istanbul

HKG representative - 2014 World Chess Olympiad Tromso

Best HKG player - 2015 Hong Kong International Championship

Champion - 2016 Hong Kong Chess League Championship

Champion - 2017 Hong Kong Christmas Blitz Championship

Champion - 2018 Hong Kong National Blitz Championship

Henry Ho In Hei
Fide Master (FM)

Major tournament achievements:

Champion - 2015 Hong Kong Christmas Rapid Tournament

2nd Best HKG player - 2016 Hong Kong International Championship

Champion - 2017 Chess Academy ActiveKids Fall Open 

HKG representative - 2018 World Chess Olympiad Batumi

Champion - 2019 Hong Kong Spring Rapid Tournament

Champion - 2019 Hong Kong Summer Swiss Tournament

Liviu Cerbulenco
Fide Master (FM)

Youngest Chess Champion of Maldova, Eastern Europe in History.

Major tournament achievements:

Champion - 2014 Maldova National Championship

MDA representative - 2014 World Chess Olympiad Tromso

2nd runner up - 2014 European Team Championship U18

Chou Yi
Go Master 4 Dan

Coaching experiences: 10 years

Head coach of Po Leung Kuk Camões Tan Siu Lin Primary School


His students that have achieved Dan includes:

楊權勇 5 Dan (with 5 years of coaching experience)

楊權發 4 Dan (with 8 years of coaching experience)

張迪瑋 4 Dan

謝仲明 3 Dan (with 5 years of coaching experience)

陳棨熙 3 Dan

黃啟麟 3 Dan

岑敦禮 3 Dan (with 2 years of coaching experience)

莊卓熙 2 Dan